Thursday, October 4, 2012

RTT ~ You know when......

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I hope your week is going well my friends. I cannot believe it is already Thursday the days are flying by for sure. October already? Goodness. 

For those of you in places where the weather is cool, the leaves are turning and apple cider is flowing I am jealous. It has been pretty amazing here weather wise the last few days and a runners dream come true in the morning. Super breezy and no to low humidity and just PERFECT. It won't last but damn it feels nice. 

1. You know when someone is close by but not talking to you directly but TRYING to talk over you without even being in a conversation? I hate that. 

2. Boys. 

3. My little one needs school clothes again! This girl is growing so fast, and so tall that I cannot keep her in pants that fit. They grow too quick. I miss the squishy baby stage. 

4. I have a thing for blue cheese all of the sudden very odd. Very very odd. 

5. No I am not pregnant. 

6. I had a dream a few nights back I was arrested for having some sort of craziness on someone's front lawn?! Really. I mean where does this stuff come from. 

7. Please get yourself some of this

8. These people are the most amazing people on the planet. I just have to say go buy their adorable bags!! Do it now. 

9. There are some really great people out there and I am lucky to know quite a few of them. 

10. AND I love having all of you here. 


Live.Love.Random. on October 7, 2012 at 8:25 AM said...

You must have seen those bags on Kaylah's blog. They are awesome...but kinda pricey. I'm lovin that lip though! I'm totally going to buy some!

I hope your weekend is going well :)


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