Thursday, October 25, 2012

To The 9's.........

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So I am looking back at my goals for the year or the wishlist items I had to complete in 2012 and one of them as silly as it may seem was to buy a dress that actually fits. Pretty much everything in my closet revolves around a pair of jeans or a pair of running shoes. Which I happen to love but they can be frowned upon in certain social gatherings. 

With Christmas parties on the agendas I have started window shopping for a dress and it is not going well. 

I have no style concept when it comes to being dressy. When I do get dressed "up" it is typically in a pair of leggings and something long to go on top. I am wearing a 2x shirt right now........Uh...... Yeah I could fit about 3 people in here with me. 

I love shorter dresses because I have worked hard to have nice legs, and I try to keep my skin tone and hair color in consideration since not a lot looks great with super dark hair. 

Love the retro feel without being TOO hipster. so trendy.socool.

I really love the look of this. Since I am not all that well endowed up top I think this perfect!!

What types of dresses do you usually gravitate towards? Do you have a go to dress in your closet?


Live.Love.Random. on October 27, 2012 at 4:42 PM said...

Don't be afraid of dresses, I'm sure you'll look great. I like the last dress. I actually wore my go-to dress in my last Outfit post :)


Tracy Hodgson on November 14, 2012 at 5:34 AM said...

Super cute dresses, you should enjoy shopping (yes i know says the self confessed Shopaholic!) i can help, drop me an email or comment on my blog and i will try to help in anyway i can, even if i am just a sounding board.

Fashion is fun and dresses are the best!


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