Monday, December 17, 2012

The Blog World and Current Events....

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I actively read a website that is dedicated to the critiquing of blogs and many conversations are started about how bloggers react to current events. 

I try to stay away from current events through all social media outlets and my blog is not big enough to have this huge following, or a mass exodus after dropping a bomb here that I may have thought out a lot further before taking to the interwebs. 

People have their gut reactions to current events like the tragedy in Newtown.  

There are no words that would accurately describe what the parents, teachers and community are feeling. Regardless of your stance on gun laws, our society as a whole and or the rights of children, teachers, or those with mental illness the fact remains this was an act of pure evil. 

I have a child who is nearing school age, who shares a name with one of the victims and when I saw that little girls name come across the television I felt gutted which I can only imagine is a fraction of the emotions her parents felt. How do you reel in your emotions enough to say goodbye to a little one, move forward (you will never move on) and honor this child with enough grace? I am sure it's possible but I am not sure how. 

I am not going to get in to my thoughts or stances on the wheres and whys of this crime but I wanted to be sure to say SOMETHING. I know a lot of bloggers get a lot of heat for either saying nothing or saying the wrong things. Once again I am not a big girl blogger so this only serves the people who I am lucky enough to stop by my little space. Unfortunately in today's world of a quick fix, or life in 140 characters or less a lot of our words or thoughts can be mis-read; i surely hope mine are not. 

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected. 


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