Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wish List.....

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With less than a week to go did all of you create a wish list for "Santa"? I had a very short list this year; unlike E's list which seemed to go for miles and miles!! Goodness kiddos can be quite demanding but I am hopeful that this Christmas will be every thing she wished for. 

She is getting a bike, lots of Barbie and Doc McStuffin items and all things veterinary related. She has expressed several times over the past few months of her wishes to become a vet and help animals, I know this will change a million times between now and her growing up and leaving us but I kind of think she would be great at it! 

I was torn between a few items. I am not a jewelry girl in the classic sense. I have a lot of unique pieces that were handmade or custom made by some really lovely people and I adore those items. I also have a few pieces of standard diamond type items. Necklaces a few rings, a bracelet here and there but nothing I was/am drawn to on a daily basis. 

I had my options narrowed down to two and between B and I we both though this was the winner. I am so in love with it. I have been wearing and staring at it non-stop.....

What are you wishing for outside of the greatest wishes of all...a happy healthy and wonderful time with family and friends?


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