The Soaring Swallow Project

The Soaring Swallow Project

This vision came to me after long hours of pondering what I could do or should be doing differently in my life. Was I being authentic? Was I living a life that I would feel joy from? Or was I conforming.  The answer? A little bit of all of the above to be honest. A lot of people are sick, tired, or sick and tired of being sick and tired and having cancer allows those feelings to be magnified 1000 times each day. Regardless of where you are in your illness, what stage, age, or place in life the ins and outs of cancer you soon know all too well.

I wish I could paint you a really lovely public service announcement about how you will go to the doctor the news will be good, your support system will uplift you daily and the $$ you have saved your whole life will be enough for the red tape that is about to engulf your life. Sadly, I do not have that story to tell BUT I do have a chapter in my book that I am proud to say I am re-writing! Literally.
My name is Jodi and I am a cancer patient, wife, mother and friend to some amazing people whom I am blessed to know on a daily basis. Without them, I would not be here wishing great things on awesome people! You can read through my blog and find out my cancer story and trials and tribulations, which there have been many but let’s get to the good stuff.

The Soaring Swallow Project is simple; this is not a business it is a way to extend my heart or my random act of kindness to others.

The act of soaring is something I hope each participant will feel upon being selected for this project!
Swallows have been idolized for years and I could not think of a better name or “mascot” to don my project with than a bird whose sole purpose was to carry a Sailor’s soul to the heavens’.

The project itself? I want to write a handwritten letter to YOU, your friend, family member, patient, co-worker, spouse, or random stranger and place it in the mail with a stamp (who knew right?!?!) for that person to receive on the other end. MAIL OTHER THAN A BILL?? I want to simply state I am thinking of them, about them and wishing great things for them. I am not looking for a response to my letters of course they are welcome but my sole purpose for this project is that if I reach one person who is struggling with why this fight is worth it than I have done everything I intended to do.

I’ll be honest. I have my core group of people who I confide in when my battle seems to be too much and at times regardless of how awesome the support is I feel as if there has to be somebody out there who understands or “gets me”. This is one topic I “GET”.

The project will be solicited to hospice groups who are able to dispense mail, cancer centers or to charities who are willing to have their group participate or darn it I will open the phone book and just write some regular Joe’s some letters to let them know someone out there thinks they are pretty darn important.

If you have someone you feel is in need of love from this project please email me.

"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love." -Mother Teresa


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